What Do You Put In A Taco So It Brings People Together For Peace?


One of the best ways to put a focus on the common values that different people share: Strip things back to the very basics. We all gotta eat.

No doubt, there are layers of things to consider when it comes to understanding South L.A.’s diversity and how the black and brown communities interact. But Keith Garrett, a local food innovator and entrepreneur, has figured out that a delicious fusion can literally bring people together, even in a community with challenges like gang violence. His “Americanized Mexican food” joint, All Flavor No Grease packs a good-time menu mostly inspired by his African-American mother’s versions of Mexican food that he grew up with.

In this video, Garrett talks about his mother’s saucy approach to filling tacos, as well as his joint’s tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas — made in a non-traditional way: “It’s a whole different feeling and flavor, baby!”

What are we going to do with a taco like this, America? *pulls back sleeves and grabs a napkin*

Fortunately for the greater L.A. area, the AFNG food trucks pull up daily to various locations. They usually post their plans (and mouth-watering photos of their food) on Instagram.


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