Profile on Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch meets the growing demand for gender-defying fashion by creating menswear-inspired apparel designed to fit a range of female bodies. The brand decided to join the movement that rejects traditional stereotypes and instead give people the freedom to be their true selves. Empowering the LGBTQ community is at the core of who they are and what they do.

Profile on Guise Etiquette with Paul Andersen

Guise Etiquette is a naturally formulated men's luxury brand that believes your largest organ needs an engineered personal touch. Caring for the planet and skin health is more than just an adopted philosophy, it's what they're in business to do. Every ingredient in their products is from a plant, mineral, the ocean, or other sources directly from nature.

Profile on TransCanWork with Michaela Mendelsohn

TransCanWork has dedicated their efforts to educate, train, and support employers in promoting trans-inclusion. They also work as “an olive branch” of connection and resources to TGNC communities by partnering with them in the search for a safe space in potential future workplaces. Collaboration has been a key element to moving forward in a very positive way.

Profile on ECODiversity Magazine with Noemi Lujan Perez

ECODiversity Magazine is run by a network of conservationists, sustainability experts, and journalists with a mission to “stand in the gap for nature.” By giving a voice to leaders in the environmental field, they hope to promote the importance of diversity, including an in-depth look at issues that affect multicultural communities.

Profile on Maxim Thuriere of Enbois Originals

Enbois LLC offers a variety of wooden accessories that are thoughtfully and ethically made. For every sale, a donation is put towards having a tree planted in Haiti's rainforest areas. The brand hopes to combat global deforestation and accessorize the masses at the same time.

Profile on Clean Agency with Seri McClendon

Since 2002, The Clean Agency has been helping organizations run clean operations. They educate businesses to act on their connection and impact on the environment. By helping clients look through a “green” lens, Clean better equips corporations to engage in sustainable practices. Their team of consultants are effective in taking companies to the future – responsibly.

Profile on Magic Room Brand with Vijoy Rao

A stellar example of true environmental sustainability that has the potential to rock the culture (pun intended), Magic Room Brand creates guilt-free gear for musicians. They are the only music accessory brand that offers 100% biodegradable drumsticks and guitar picks that are made of the fastest growing, most renewable plant on Earth: bamboo grass.