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photo: Mark Arroyo @arroyoworks

photo: Mark Arroyo @arroyoworks

This is part of a special series, presented by US Lifestyle Group, that focuses on a diversity of American social media voices impacting our culture.


This model-actor brings a very strong game when it comes to style and words of inspiration on his Instagram

Describe your followers.
As diverse as they are devoted, they represent regions around the world but are united by  creativity and a burning desire for the freedom to express it. 

I definitely have significant followings in my two home cities: Los Angeles, where I’m originally from, and New York City, which has become a second home. I see a lot of people involved in athletics and the pursuit of health and fitness, along with fellow artists of many kinds and a lot of young entrepreneurs.

What is the key to maintaining your influencer status?
Simple; passion and authenticity. I am naturally passionate but I also intentionally focus and engage in anything that I do with every fiber of my being; as though my life depended on it.

I believe that enthusiasm is contagious, and it shines through my content and communication. 

And there is nothing more influential than something truly pure and honest, that comes from the heart.

What shapes your personal style? 
The classics are definitively the foundation of my style identity; I love refined elegance and a perfectly tailored fit. But rock 'n' roll rebellion also shapes it dramatically, giving me a daring edge that I call "StyleMaverick."  

How would you describe the current U.S. lifestyle?
At its best, freedom and creativity are the hallmarks of the American ideal that allow us to enjoy the most wonderful lifestyle on the planet. 

We must guard against apathy and arrogance, and continue to champion the cause of equality and diversity. 

When have you used your social influence to impact social issues?
I often use my platform as a model to educate others in fighting against obesity and the poor nutrition found in modern commercial agriculture, along with supporting mental health and encouraging balance and positive self-image to reduce the dangers of depression and suicide in young people. 

The social values most important to me are compassion and education, or “cultural elevation.” We must always seek the best for others, which begins by considering both their needs and their perspectives. 

We must strive to elevate and improve ourselves, first in our thinking and then accordingly in our actions. 

These values drive me in everything I do, and they affect any influence I have, especially in my verbal communications and my personal interactions on a daily basis.

What is key when creating your social media post?
A quality image first and foremost, and then describing or suggesting something simple and significant that the image communicates.

Who has the biggest influence on you and why?
I honestly believe my mother has the most significant influence on my character and human development to this point, and her love and sacrifice has shaped me into the person I am today. 

For that, I am truly grateful.  I am so blessed to have a strong loving family, and I always try to "influence" others with the love, respect, and support that my family has always provided for me.

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