Laith Ashley


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A model and artist, he's also passionate about working with programs serving homeless youth and the trans community. 

What is the key to maintaining your influencer status?
I’m a model, activist, actor, and singer/songwriter. I perform, host, and am a guest speaker at conferences and universities. All of these things help with keeping my followers engaged. 

What shapes your personal style?  
I like clean and fitted clothes. I have been exploring floral prints more, and I am finding I like them a lot. I enjoy wearing anything olive green, denim, and leather jackets. I love wearing boots as well. If I have to go to a more formal event, I love a European cut suit. 

How would you describe the current U.S. lifestyle? 
On the grind! 

When have you used your social influence to impact social issues?
Who I am and how my career started, is based on that. 

What is key when creating your social media post?
It has to look good and there should be a positive message. 

Who has the biggest influence on you and why?
I can’t choose one person. My family pushed and inspires me. God keeps me grounded and reminds me that I am loved always and no matter what, and I am motivated and in awe of all artists. I love art in all its forms and the people who create it. 

Find Laith on Instagram: @laith_ashley

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