Chiquis Rivera

Credit: Universo.

Credit: Universo.


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She is a singer, reality star, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and executive producer of “The Riveras,” which premiered its third season March 11th.

Describe your followers.
My followers are the best! They are passionate, loyal and interactive. I love them. They are passionate about anything and everything that I do. They are very engaged.  I have direct contact with them…a very special bond. Of course, you have one or two or ten haters here and there…it's just normal and even then, they are watching every single thing I do. It's crazy to me if you don’t like someone why follow them. But haters follow me.

What is the key to maintaining your influencer status?
I think the most important thing is transparency, being honest, being OK with not being perfect, embracing your flaws. I think that is what I’ve done. Just being honest and open with people. Showing the good, the bad and the ugly. Having a nice balance between my lifestyle, career and personal life. 

What shapes your personal lifestyle?
I am a trendsetter. I like to do things other people won’t dare to do. I am not afraid of trying new things and love to take risks.

As a fashionista, I have a particular body shape and I embrace my curves.

I am OK with being different and thinking outside the box.

How do you describe the current U.S. lifestyle?
Everything is social media and digital. People have a shorter attention span and you must work with that. You must adapt and adjust. People are interested in everything. I think it's super cool that people can make a career out of their social media platforms. That is what we are coming to. Everything is digital. Everyone is on their phone or mobile devices watching a series or reading.

When have you used your social media influence to impact your social issues?
Since the beginning of my career, controversy has followed me and my family and I am used to it. With my social media platforms, I can make things clear. My reality show “The Riveras” on Universo is also a platform that helps my siblings and I set things straight and speak our truth — as we influence audiences with our life experiences. I also do that through Twitter and Instagram.

I am OK with being honest even if it is not pretty and I’ve done that through my entire career. I use my social media influence and speak straight to the camera on my phone and post it and let them know what is on my mind or write it on Twitter.

What is key when creating your social media post?
I think the key is having a plan on how I want things to look and having structure on your posts. Everything has changed on my social media platforms. The look is more aesthetic. I want my posts to look uniform and amazing. I really think about what I want to say on each post. Also having a nice balance between my personal life and my career. Giving followers the opportunity to learn what I am all about and what I want people to know about me.

Who has the biggest influence on you and why?
My mother, [Jenni Rivera] influenced me immensely, seeing everything she went through and how she got back on her feet is something that really inspires me to keep going.

Oprah Winfrey as TV personality and motivational speaker is someone that I really look up to. As an artist, I also admire Jennifer Lopez who is a singer, producer and author. At her age she looks amazing and she is so successful. Former first lady, Michelle Obama is someone I look up to. The way she carries herself, the way she speaks, she dresses. She is so intelligent. I like to learn. I have mentors now. Knowledge is power!  

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