The Smart Home Is A Thing. But This Robot Is The Key To A Healthy Home.

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He counts your pills for you, checks on your weight and exercise activity, and even informs you of the nutritional content in one serving of celery. But he's not your nursing technician - he's Pillo, an actual robot who helps to watch over your health.

What once began as an ambitious crowdfunding project is finally becoming a reality. The first personal healthcare robot assistant of its kind, Pillo is making waves in the medical community. 

It all started in 2015 when a group of young engineers came together in New York City with passion and a vision: to change the way we manage healthcare at home with one cute robot at a time. With sophisticated voice recognition and facial identification, Pillo can handle a variety of tasks, like dispense the right types and amount of pills for each family member; video call health practitioners; and place refill orders right from where it sits on the counter. Pillo can also answer all sorts of real-life health questions and remind you when it's time to take your medicine or vitamins. The AI technology is remarkable, but its principles are simple. Pillo has plenty of potential for positively impacting at-home health needs across the nation, helping many Americans live healthier.

In this video, you get a real sense of how the Pillo robot can change things at home:

A health technology revolution is underway. And by the looks of Pillo's popularity in its crowdfunding stage, it appears that many people are ready to give the cute little health machine a chance at improving an important part of our lives.

Pillo is currently in its final production stages and is scheduled to launch into the market this year.


Image via Pillo.

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