This Two-In-One Invention Can Light Up Your Yard And Help With Cleanup

This is part of a special series, presented by Thrivent Financial, that focuses on a diversity of American inventors and innovations. 


The Cadilon is a multi-functional solar light and bag dispenser. The idea came from the husband and wife team Steve and Nancy Koch and Vinit Kathardekar.

First conceptualized as the perfect doggie waste bag dispenser, they evolved the idea to serve as a more widely applicable organizing, utility tool. It can be placed anywhere for the convenience of having bags at your fingertips. The unique design accommodates two standard doggie waste bags rolls, or up to a 13-gallon trash bag roll for your other yard cleanup needs. The solar LED light illuminates at night for a decorative touch to your patio or garden.


Kathardekar recently told People magazine:

“I’m not a prolific inventor, but when I see something, I wonder how it can be fixed,” Kathardekar said. “As a patent attorney, I always tell my kids that if they have had a problem with something, probably somebody else did, too. There are times when someone has thought of the same idea and that’s perfectly fine, but then other times somebody may not have thought of it.”

The product is now available online and in major stores across the country.


Image via Cadilon.

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