This Songstress Straight Outta Hawaii Did A Breezy Cover Of Smokey Robinson’s “Ooo Baby Baby”

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When neo-soul/R&B music mother figure Erykah Badu posts an up-and-coming artist on Instagram, we take notice. And we proceed by going on a quick Internet investigation into the origins, life and discography of the songstress we now know as Lina.

The video clip that went viral, thanks in part to Badu’s IG post, is a gorgeous unplugged acoustic version of oldie “Ooo Baby Baby.” Smokey Robinson and The Miracles released the original Motown love song in 1965.

Hawaii’s emerging music scene has been treating us lately with a video series by local artists, namely on the Brunch Sessions YouTube channel. In the “Oo Baby Baby” video, Lina is backed up by fellow Hawaii-based vocalists DeAndre Brackensick and Izik.

In 2017, Hawai’i Magazine featured Lina Robins-Tamure, taking us back to some of the artist’s early days in music. A performance on the Oprah Winfrey Show at the age of 11 — as Paul Robins, pre-transition — gave a national audience just a glimmer of the youngster’s talent that would evolve into Lina’s current-day gorgeous vocals and musical style.

In the interview, she talked about moving between Hawaiian and R&B music. “I’ve been fortunate to have really great support in the Hawaiian music community, but I’m also lucky to have these friends who appreciate the R&B side of me,” Lina said. “I would probably put out a Hawaiian album in the future, but I would definitely love to do an R&B album one day.”

Jus’ sayin’: Whatever genre direction Lina’s first album goes, we need it as soon as she can skillfully and heartedly pull it together.

For now, we can look out for the imminent drop of a recorded project by various Hawaiian artists for Kanile’a ukelele company’s 20th anniversary. Lina is featured on the track called “I Pu’u Lehua.”

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