You Like To Think Bodegas Have Everything. How About A Boppin’ Radio Studio?


Bodegas are the mom-and-pop-type corner stores in cities like New York that you can roll up to for anything from a Coke to dryer sheets, from fresh ginger to a can of refried beans or lottery tickets. Tell us this: What’s the most unexpected item you’ve bought at a bodega or a corner (liquor) store, and — wow — who knew you could buy that at the little store? It leaves you thinking, What don’t these guys carry?

CNN’s Great Big Story just found a legit radio broadcasting studio at a bodega in BK, NY. How about a sweet and tender bachata? Geovanny Valdez (aka DJ Jova), originally from the Dominican Republic, has set up a studio in the store’s basement to produce an FM radio program.

Valdez isn’t just sharing the livest Latin tunes with the New York area, but he’s also using the power of music to bring people and community together. In this video, he talks about the talk show programming on Relambia FM, and using the radio station as a platform to get locals to show up at events where they could help shape their community’s present and future. And it’s working. 

Don’t sleep on these tunes, America. Relambia FM also streams live. 


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