This Is The Afro-Latina Gorgeousness Taking Our Breath Away Right Now

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Puerto Rico will always be the USA's most enchanting territory. The hurricanes of late 2017 were devastating, but guess what? The people of Puerto Rico are rebuilding, giving us a real inspirational example of perseverance and the power of the human spirit. 

The islanders call it la isla del encanto. And if you haven't been yet, this Instagram account is just one sampling of the unstoppable beauty that the island is all about.

Photographer Valerie Moreno started the project Afros in San Juan to showcase afro-caribbean beauties who are as much a part of the island's makeup as the media mostly fails to reflect. In an interview with the amazing photographer, Moreno talks about her project being so necessary. This is why we love her: She seeks to learn from the stories of her subjects, specifically her “brown sisters,” and portray their struggles and triumphs that deserve to be presented with authenticity and pride. 

Check this out, America. These are just a quick sample of Moreno's posts: 

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