Hilarious Ali Wong Gets With Chef David Chang To Discuss Food Reviews and His New Netflix Series


Yelp, Silicon Valley, startup universe, Shonda Rhimes, somebody, please help us with finding some of the legit foodie spots in our area. How do we cut out the nonsense reviews? Ali Wong and David Chang discuss.

We don't want to know if a homeless guy pressured you to pay him 5 dollars to wash your windshield when you parked. We don’t want to know if the bathroom was clean.

When it comes to reviews about the service: OK, it's key to know if they’re slow. We need to know if they couldn't care less. Is the food bomb or not?

That’s part of why we’re looking forward to David Chang’s new Netflix original series, “Ugly Delicious.” The show premieres on February 23 and will run for eight episodes. The award-winning chef will travel the world with writers, activists, artists and other chefs, who use food as a means to break down cultural barriers, challenge misconceptions, and uncover shared experiences. 

In this preview, he sits down with comedienne Ali Wong, known for telling you what’s what:

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